Subject for sale

Production and residential building Stara Miłosna

719.90 m2
ul. Objazdowa, 08-711 Warszawa
1 700 000,00 PLN
2 361,00 PLN / m2
1 / 10

Key informations

Type of transaction:sale
Property type:Subject
Space:719,90 m2
Parking space:Yes
Avaliable from:24.01.2024
Commercial purpose:Subject
Offer number:WIL764985



We are selling an excellent property, to be finished (hence the attractive price), located just off Trakt Brzeski (a few minutes to the bus stop), twenty-five minutes by car to the centre of Warsaw.

A three-storey building with an area of 719m2, on a plot of 943m2, (built-up area of 319m2).

The building is built as a production, service and residential building in accordance with the requirements of the Local Development Plan, designed and executed very functionally. On the ground floor and first floor functions of storage, production, services. The top floor has a residential function worthy of many flats, although it may be arranged as flats for rent for employees.

The layout and proposed functions of the premises are shown on the overview plans attached in the advertisement. Of course we have building plans and more photos. I encourage you to contact us and take a look. Full documentation available on site.

- Easy access by car and public transport,
- functional design and execution,
- Excellent conditions for sewing, printing, leatherworking, furniture accessories, etc.
- fantastic arrangement possibilities,
- entrance designed for suppliers and buyers of goods,
- multifunctionality of the property,
- price to be negotiated.

Stara Miłosna, 6 Objazdowa St. A few dozen metres from Trakt Brzeski. Surrounded by similar commercial and residential buildings. A few minutes drive to Sulejówek with its excellent retail and service infrastructure.

You are cordially invited to a presentation at a convenient time.
We will guide you through the entire procedure related to the transaction.
We will prepare the agreements, take care of the transfer of utilities and the facility.

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Artur Miścicki
Production and residential building Stara Miłosna

Artur Miścicki
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