We will design your dream home or ideal office

Architectural design

Contact us and our architects will design and help realise a flat or office space that suits your needs. See for yourself why it’s worth it!

  • We will thoroughly analyze your needs
  • We will advise you which location to choose from the offers you are interested in
  • We’ll give you ideas and inspiration
  • We will take care of the aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics of the interior
  • We will create professional plans and photo-realistic visualizations
  • Thanks to the latest VR technology, you will be able to visit your future interiors already in the design phase
  • We will select effective solutions in line with your budget
  • With us you will save time by avoiding the time-consuming selection of equipment
  • We will advise how not to “overinvest” the interior without losing its aesthetics
  • We will prepare professional architectural documentation
  • Professional technical knowledge – we will help you communicate with the developer
  • We will help you create a precise work schedule
  • We recommend professional contractors
  • We will support you with advice in the implementation phase / we will help with acceptance
1. Your personal architect

For each project, we appoint a designer who will take care of the complexity of the task, take care of communication with you so that cooperation with us is based on a partnership, respecting your time, together we will determine how much time you can devote to a given project and we will adapt activities and communication channels so that cooperation is the most effective.

2. We are with you every step of the way

The realisation of a project involves countless decisions and activities in the selection of materials, technical solutions, communication with the developer, suppliers and contractors. With our experience and professional approach, we will support you with each of the phases of the project and its realisation, from the selection of the right premises to the acceptance, design, realisation and final acceptance.

3. View your new apartment/office

We know how important it is for you that the completed project meets your expectations. We also know how difficult it is to imagine the space on the basis of plans and drawings – that is why when designing with us we will present your interior in 3D technology from the very beginning. Thanks to Virtual Reality technology, we will take you for a walk through your new apartment/office. Our VR glasses will make you experience the real impression of being in the interior, feel its atmosphere at different times of the day, assess the proportions, see the decorations and details. With us, you will avoid the uncertainty of what your interior will look like when realised.

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