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We offer free assistance in obtaining a loan from over 13 banks in Poland. No stress and no wasting your time.

  • Mortgages and cash loans
  • We negotiate the terms for you
  • You benefit from the experience of our experts
  • We help you choose the best option
  • With us you will feel safe
  • We will take care of the formalities and documents
1. We specialise in loans

Bank margins, loan origination fees and other loan-related charges, insurance, instalment amount, interest rate are all important, and this is only a part of all the components to be taken into account when analysing and selecting a loan. On the basis of the analysis, we propose the option that is the most advantageous for the customer as a whole, i.e. based on all the elements, and not just one such as the amount of the instalment or the commission. The comparison costs nothing and choosing the right offer will result in huge savings.

2. We will choose the best loan

We compare all the elements of a loan that affect it. We will check your creditworthiness and tell you how much credit you can get, we will compare credit offers from all banks and advise you on which credit to choose, we will explain the rules for getting credit in each bank, we will help you fill in bank forms and complete the required documents, we will negotiate the terms of your credit.

3. Large choice of lending

We help you choose the best loan. Among others:

  • loans and mortgages
  • loans for the purchase, construction and reconstruction of real estate, with and without own contribution, for any loan period
  • cash loans
  • loans for any consumption purpose, without collateral
  • leasing
  • business loans
  • consolidation loans
  • insurance
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